Born in 2010, Suolificio Fashion is a young company, but it was established as the successor of historic Suolificio Hilton, which had been on the sole-production market since 1962.
Therefore, we have a young, dynamic and innovative personality, which develops as a natural evolution of an historic company; for these reasons, we can boast a multi-year experience and a presence on this market which has been going on for more than 50 years.
This unique combination of past, present and future is exactly where our slogan comes from:

where tradition meets innovation.

With the utmost accuracy and a lot of passion in what we do, we are able to produce both assembled and injected soles, using a wide array of materials and work together our expert collaborators. This, combined with the use of state-of-the-art machinery, leads to a product that is technically, economically and aesthetically competitive on the current market.
Thanks to our expertise, the constant observation of the reference market and our efficient departments of modeling and printing, we re able to satisfy all our clients’ needs, in order to deliver a well-done, tailored-made and beautiful product.
For more than half a century now, our company has been standing out in terms of professionalism, expertise and customer assistance, during all the steps of design, personalization, manufacturing and distribution of our soles, while constantly keeping processing techniques and high-quality materials into account.

Contact us if you want to ask for more information, or look at some examples of our products!