Our products are both assembled and injected soles. We use a wide array of materials: leather, rubber, thunit, microlite or injection plastic materials, such as TR, PVC, TPU, EVA, XL… Potentially, we can use any materials our customers want to use, so that we can support their indications, ideas or projects.
If no projects are available, we can just invent, design and create the sole that is most suitable to the shoe our customer has in mind, thanks to our creativity and our technical and technological know how.

We can deal with leather, the feather in the cap of the area where we operate (the so-called “Comprensorio del Cuoio”, between Pisa and Florence), or with any other material: no matter what, we select and use all materials with a great care and attention, we process them with technological machinery and we refine them by hand, in order to create unique, functional and likable soles.

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