The production of our soles is characterized by some key factors:

We select and take care of high-quality material: leather, the main material of the area we work in, or any kinds of natural or man-made material, in order to meet all needs, from the most classical to the most inspired ones

We design our products with care and accuracy, thanks to our expert and creative model designers, who always take the client’s needs and ideas into account

We make use of well-advanced and highly-performing machinery, such as the computer-assisted pantograph and the printing machines, in order to create functional products

We entrust the production of our soles to the hands of expert and careful-to-details collaorators, so that our soles are characterized by that beauty and uniqueness that only a hand-made refining can ensure

We combine tradition and innovation. Our goal is to grow and improve constantly, but we never forget the artisan techniques. As a result, our soles are beautiful and trendy, but also comfortable and suitable for all kinds of shoes, from the elegant to the casual ones

We are aware that the Made in Italy is a real guarantee of excellence, known and appreciated worldwide. We want to be loyal to this brand, to ensure the utmost quality and reliability

We always bear all of this in mind, so that we are able to create a high-quality product that allows us to be on the market for more than 50 years and to meet our customers’ needs. While doing this, we fully respect tradition and we constantly seek excellence.

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